Angela (thestoneheart) wrote,


it has been a long time since i've posted, hasn't it?

but today is sunday and perfect reason to make time for the playful things in life again.

i've been working on a new line and collection for my little small omondieu! world.

actually, two new lines and collections. however, today was all about the poesie.

and that's what i've called her. the poesie collection.

i've just received the samples of the shirts and although it might still be a spell

before i'm able to add them to the website.

but today was play with the camera day.

i had images in mind for these photos, however the snow and cold

wouldn't really allow for those photos to happen just yet.

we'll have to wait for spring.

and i also feared that i might have a tunnel vision in shooting these,

simply for creating, designing and working so in depth with the project,

sometimes you lose a perspective

or don't always see things as you like.

and then when lenny bo benny decided that he was going to eat the flash off the camera,

i definitely knew i couldn't get this done.

steffi had mentioned a few times that she'd like to use omondieu! for a photo production

and while recently at her house, i knew just the location itself was perfect.

so today, steffi did her magic.

and together with susie. and of course, scotch the cat.

i just took snapshots. behind the scenes.

documenting a sunday afternoon. and poesie.

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